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At Up Executive Agents and Search understand that with a unique offering there are going to be some very unique questions. We hope the following answer most of these for you.

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{slide=Q.What is the difference between Up's two core services?}
Up Executive Search and Selection finds leadership talent for employers whereas Up Executive Agents find career opportunities for executive job seekers, the reverse of executive search and selection.
The success that Up have in securing career opportunities for our Members largely depends on three main ingredients, firstly the quality of the candidate and for this reason Up only invite certain candidates to become Members, secondly the job seeker's 'packaging' or how they present. For this we have designed a specialised 'packaging' service or program named Purple Cow Executive Packaging (also known as Up Packaging) and thirdly,
Research capabilities provided through Up Research, Up's research arm, click FAST Job Find
Together these services with their arsenal of packaging, research and marketing strategies and tactics provide a very unique and powerful capability in securing optimal and numerous career opportunities for our Members.

Simply email with your latest CV (doesn't need to be up to date) and register online by clicking here. If Up feel they can help you secure better opportunities much faster they will then invite you in for an obligation free meeting as well as give you some intensive advice on how to correct some issues you may be currently experiencing. The ball is then in your court; it's your career and your lifestyle.
{slide=Q.Do I need to qualify to become a member?}

Yes. Up only make a profit by receiving a Placement Fee from an Employer on hiring a Member we put forward. As Up invest heavily in helping their Members, and like most companies have limited resources Up need to be selective, as you do in choosing who represents you in the market place. By viewing your CV and speaking with you, Up and job seekers can deduce if becoming a Member is the best plan of action to take.
{slide=Q.What time is required of me?}
Initially 90 minutes of your time to meet with an Up Agent to discuss your aspirations, your current situation, what value you can bring to employers, to give you a crash course in differentiating yourself, (including a quick 'scorecard' assessment of your current packaging and strategies) and finally a quick outline of how Up can help you. After that if you become a Member Up requires another 2-3 hours of your time to 'Set' you up on their proprietary system (including gathering the required information off you so that Up staff can start an exhaustive, well orchestrated Research Action Plan (RAP)) and familiarise you with some of their Intellectual Property including a host of strategies and the logic behind these. Once the RAP is agreed to and completed Up this is then followed by another meeting (or phone conversation if more convenient) with you to tailor a Marketing Action Plan (MAP). During the course of these discussions Up will discuss other research, marketing, positioning, branding and negotiation strategies and options with you.

Apart from this Members can generally sit back, relax and enjoy the ride needing only to show up at interviews and undergo some pre interview coaching when required (also possible over the phone if more convenient).
{slide=Q. Do I need this service?}
Up's service is really about risk minimisation. Job seekers need to consider their best and worst case scenarios in securing job opportunities. If you earn for example $4,000 a week and the worst and best cases time frames before you secure work are say 1 month and 6 months, then you stand to lose between $16,000 and $96,000, not to mention other losses like your home if payments fall behind. Is it within reason that if Up can identify 500%+ more opportunities for you and improve your presentation skills by say 200%+ that you would save considerable monies? And reduce your risk considerably?
{slide=Q. Am I required to invest any money?}
Up have a few different programs. Most are free of charge, however if a job seeker requires Up to hire experts to hunt down opportunities for them as part of an exhaustive and thorough research campaign, then we pass a percentage of this cost on to the job seeker. However Up find that the vast majority of Members have no net cost in using their service as any investment is usually rebated in full on success. Up also work with Members until they secure a role of their choosing, so it's a case of not 'if' successful but 'when'. The most popular programs have a very affordable cost to cash-flow of around $15-$20 per week (this is explained further to job seekers that meet our selection criteria). Most job seekers come to the conclusion that the cost of not using our service can be far more expensive and risky.
{slide=Q. What level of executives and what industries do you specialise in placing?}
Up specialise only in placing senior executives and we do this across all industries. Up find the requirements of senior executive job seekers and of employers requiring talent at this level are very similar. Up also have a consulting program where professional Consultants can outsource their sales and marketing requirements to Up, enabling the consultant to concentrate on their consulting work rather than wining new business.
{slide=Q.How do I minimise this risk of others finding out I am looking for another career opportunity?}
Up compile a comprehensive and sophisticated Research Action Plan and Marketing Action Plan for each individual Member. A large part of this effort is concentrated on finding the right companies, industries and executives to investigate and then target. Before we do this however with the Member's input, together we compile an exhaustive list of industries, companies and individuals not to approach which is strictly adhered to. Our whole business and reputation is built on respecting privacy and confidentiality, something most job seekers don't secure in dealing with pure recruitment firms. At times we also have prospective employers sign Privacy and Non Disclosure Agreements prior to Up divulging a Member's details. There are a number of other strategies we use to optimise confidentiality.
{slide=Q. Do any other companies provide a similar service?}
Unfortunately not. Up have for some time emphasised to the various players in the recruitment industry that they need to start giving a voice to candidates and fair representation. Unfortunately recruitment and search and selection firms do not understand how to adequately package leadership candidates; nor will they conduct and exhaustive research and marketing plan for candidates. Career management firms and outplacement firms provide advice on with no packaging, research or marketing assistance or programs. Most job seekers are unfortunately left to fend for themselves. There are a few 'career management' firms that advertise in the papers but charge many thousands of dollars for advice only, and they do not package you or provide research or marketing services. You're left to your own devices.
{slide=Q. Why should I pay for someone to me secure a job?}
Up's service is about minimising your risk and optimising your personal profits. If Up pay staff salaries to find, qualify and help you secure opportunities considerably faster than you could do using your own resources than most people would consider it reasonable to share the risk and back themselves up by sharing the cost especially in consideration that both Up and the job seeker share in the profits of a successful placement. At times Up will secure roles for candidates without receiving a placement fee even to their own financial detriment. Unfortunately in life people tend to want everything for free but don't value what is free. What many receive for free they give little commitment to. Up are not looking for job seekers that aren't fully committed to accelerating their careers.

Please note most of our strategies, intellectual property and methods are discussed with Members only.

If you have any further enquiries please register here and we shall contact you.