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Sales Pitches and Leadership Stories

If you don't have a 'sales pitch', what Up call a 'Leadership Story' to communicate your leadership you may not sell as fast as you should either. Poorly, most executives only way of selling their Leadership is to say "I motivate…I am a great strategist…I get results…People follow me…" or some other nonsense. These are attributes of leadership only. You don't have to be a leader to have these.

Secretaries know how to get results but they're not really leaders. Analysts are great Strategists but they're not usually leaders. Leaders by definition take teams and businesses on a journey from A to B. The Leadership Story is your sales pitch. Your Leadership Journey needs to be communicated in your Leadership Resume via a Leadership Story. A Leadership Story is the simplest, honest and most effective way of selling your Leadership, of communicating the potential journey a CXO can take a business on by sharing the journey they have taken previous businesses on. For example a Chairman interviewing a CEO is thinking, "I need strong Leadership in my next CXO, why is this candidate a leader? How is their leadership unique?" It's best this is already communicated in your Leadership Resume. Many battles are won in the planning.

Up compile and include a Member's Leadership Stories in their Leadership Resume enabling them to more powerfully differentiate their leadership, their Knowledge of Growing Businesses and their ROI. On reading this, it now takes place at the front of a candidate's mind so they then can use it as a weapon, …as a 'sales pitch' when interviewing.

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