UpResearch™ - Whats all the fuss?


Every 10 years or so comes an innovation which transforms the lives of millions of people. For Leadership Executives there is now UpResearch; the world's first intelligent, fully integrated, completely automated, end to end, Global Career Development and Executive Recruitment System.

Definition: A Sonar system is commonly defined as a system that determines the position of unseen underwater objects by transmitting sound waves. Similarly, UpResearch™ detects unseen senior level career opportunities; those opportunities that are usually only heard of after they've been filled.

UpResearch™ stands for 'Search Opportunities', 'Networks' and 'Roles'.


Up uses UpResearch™ a proprietary designed online system, trademarked and patented solely to 'Up'. Research:

Is a 'full-service' system meaning it does everything required to secure a role for an executive (see Features & Benefits and Membership Models).

Is a 'whole of life' service meaning it secures career opportunities for executives, then helps these executives recruit high performance teams and then if and when required, it enables these executives to find staff who are leaving their team, new opportunities elsewhere; Research overnight has just made traditional Outplacement offerings completely obsolete in comparison. Research also serves as a valuable tool for HR in sourcing and outplacing staff.

Sources, researches and analyzes local, regional and global Jobs and Opportunities. Across the regions it covers Research has the most comprehensive single database of executive jobs available today in part because it lists many of the jobs advertised on the world's Job Websites, Employer Websites and uniquely even the numerous newspapers. Furthermore, and critically it lists thousands of opportunities that aren't otherwise in the public domain, compliments of its research sophistication and patented Research technology.

Gives candidates at their fingertips instant access to some of the largest databases of organizations and Hiring Managers on the planet which includes Employers, Recruitment Firms, Search Firms and Private Equity Organizations to even Associations etc. Whether your preferred role be advertised or 'hidden'; whether it's available 'employer direct', directly through Private Equity Groups, Associations or even via the countless Recruitment or Search and Selection Firms; the chances are Research will find it.

Contains a Member's 'Dashboard'; an online control panel which makes it easy to use its advanced functionality enabling you to exploit its full and extreme capability and reach, seamlessly.

Crafts and tailors best practice Leadership Resumes.

Creates, shapes and submits job applications and approach letters to organizations be it direct to employer, recruitment or search organizations as well as Private Equity Groups to Associations etc. It's commonly thought that Research sources more jobs and can do more marketing in one month than an average executive can do in 6 to 18 months. It markets and generates interviews with ease.

Maps, tracks and analyzes candidate progress throughout the stages of the leadership job hunt.

Provides innovative strategies. Research includes a library of Training Modules; what you need, when you need it. For example training Members best practice 'Leadership Interviewing'.

Also advertises the profiles of executives online. Different to LinkedIn and a decade ahead in its capabilities, Research with its focus and reach proactively acts to secure leadership opportunities for its Members through its Service; 'Up' (the service); (Research is the 'system' behind the 'Service'). Up's business model is also very different to the networking sites. Up profit from receiving placement fees from employers on securing their Members a new role, rather than advertising revenue. Research is more a 'Seek and Secure' System than a simple passive online network marketing tool.

Has no spam. Different to networking sites, Research doesn't have the spamming issues many people experience in being a Member. Our system ensures 'contact requests' users receive are directly related to their career development i.e. an actual job or evolving opportunity not someone wanting to 'connect for the sake of connecting or promoting their products or business name.

What's the real power behind UpResearch™?

Unfortunately there is no one person or system up until now that can comprehensively uncover hidden or what is commonly known as 'word of mouth' opportunities for job seekers. Research is the world's first Career Development System that finds advertised roles and very uniquely for the first time for any system globally Research actually sources the masses of 'hidden' opportunities; the system's coverage and 'intelligence' is unprecedented. The quality, speed and capacity of sourcing and marketing Research facilitates for its leadership clientele is unsurpassed by any offering, system or website we're aware of today.


Uncover the Hidden Jobs with UpResearch

Extra optional reading;

Research finds positions not available to the open market.

If you think of a job as being a 'Chair' that someone is or isn't sitting in. The business world is made up of millions of chairs many which are occupied and are soon to be vacated or have no one sitting in. The trick to accelerating your career and maximising your income is to continually secure the best 'chairs' thus the job hunt for most executives is similar to 'Musical Chairs'. When the music stops you scramble for a different chair.

Unfortunately due in part to the GFC there are now fewer chairs and many more executives competing for these. In capturing the best chairs (career or business opportunities) you generally require as much forewarning as possible as to when and where a chair is becoming available,… for as many chairs as possible. Call it Speed and Volume, two of the three necessities in winning the 'War for Jobs' (The 3rd necessity being 'Manoeuvrability'; see your 'Up' about this).

Imagine now not having to scramble for a chair. Imagine if you had pre-warning when a chair was actually becoming available, days if not months before the rest of the market. What would this mean potentially to your job hunt and career development? It may mean that you'd more frequently be in the right spot at the right time.

The best thing about UpResearchis, for qualifying executives, it may in effect be free. Strict T&Cs apply. 'Up' (being the creator of UpResearch™) may actually subsidize* its use partially or entirely for qualifying executives that we choose to represent on the global market. We have various Membership Models available for qualifying executives. Note, Membership to certain models is by invitation only.

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For organizations wanting a more superior method of securing leadership talent or for transitioning staff out of their business UpResearch also excels in Executive Recruitment, Search and Selection and Career Transition .



*Terms and conditions apply.