About Our Executive Agency



Up are team of professionals united by a common passion and vision; to provide an unsurpassed span and level of service to business leaders globally, to grow their careers. We think outside the square, are more often than not ‘unconventional’ and are not bound by the ‘can’t do or don’t do’ mental limitations facing many career management, outplacement and recruitment organizations.

Need to secure senior level career opportunities FAST? Wish there was an easier, faster and more effective way to secure numerous career opportunities without spending countless hours trawling through job websites with minimal and poorly worded job adverts or running around town sipping coffee with recruiters who at times are more interested in securing job orders off you than finding jobs for you?

Are you irritated at the lack of transparency, communication and honesty of many recruiters and search consultants that claim to be professionally representing you? Like countless executive job seekers are you also wondering why if recruiters and search agents tell you that  you have great value, why they just don't 'hunt' down employers that need your expertise? Are you confused why so few executive search and recruitment firms take the time to really understand your aspirations and value? Are you tired of being “dropped” by these groups if they don’t have an immediate opportunity for you?

Many job seekers claim now  is the toughest time in maybe a hundred years to find job opportunities; tough times call for tough solutions. There's got to be a better way. Throw much of what you know about finding a job out the window,...the practice of job hunting has finally turned a corner.

Could you benefit from having your own Research, Packaging, Marketing and Strategy Team?

Would it help to have access to the world’s most sophisticated Global Job Find System?

Are you frustrated with the time lost, expenses incurred and inconvenience involved in ‘job-hunting’ every time you put yourself on the market?

Do you want access to numerous career opportunities including hidden opportunities not available through your network or social/business networking sites or elsewhere?

Would it be simple, logical and efficient to have all this and much more in one online, fully integrated, completely automated, intelligent, end-to-end Global Job Finding System?