Affordability & Risk Minimisation


If you're thinking this service must be expensive, the vast majority of job seekers secure this service effectively for no cost and save thousands in wages lost through avoiding an unnecessary period of unemployment or more commonly, just not getting paid what they're worth.

Looking at your job hunt logically....

Have you considered just how much you may lose if you don't find an opportunity fast?

Using your existing resources what's the earliest time you'd expect to start another role? 6 weeks? ...more?

Using existing resources what's the worst case or the latest time you'd expect to start another role? 6 months?...more?

Now what income are you losing by not working? Let's say $5,000 (on a $250,000 base remuneration; more if you're considering your bonuses, STIs, LTIs etc)

Taking an average (using 6 weeks and 24 weeks) of say 15 weeks, the above person may be expecting to lose $75,000.

How much do you stand to lose? Is this money you can afford to lose? Where will this leave your mortgage and your credit rating etc?

If you would like further information on how to minimise your risks and to secure the roles that pay you what you're worth. Hit the button below to contact our agency.