How Can an Up Executive Agent Help Me?


Having your own personal and dedicated Executive Agent (similar to a Sports Star having their own personal Agent) to find, qualify and secure opportunities for you means you can now sit back and relax, you need only to attend interviews.

Up Executive Agents can:

•  FIND many more opportunities faster for you. It's estimated that an average executive level job seeker is only aware of 1-5% of roles that fit their selection criteria, unfortunately 90% of other executive job seekers are also competing for these same opportunities.

Our team can compile a tailored and intensive research campaign for you researching thousands of companies worldwide, across any region you choose or just locally, according to your 'employer selection criteria', identifying those employers that have needs that match your expertise and who possess the company characteristics that are of interest to you.

  • To gain an insight into the level, depth and sophistication of our research click FAST Job Find.
  • To view UpResearch™, the world’s first fully integrated, completely automated, end to end, full service, intelligent, online Global Job Finding System click here.


Using purpose built software programs our team will cover all your bases by continually searching all mediums where jobs are advertised (online, papers etc) including jobs advertised by employers and recruitment and search firms as well as importantly, those that are unadvertised in the Hidden Job Market.

Those opportunities in the 'hidden job market' (estimated to be 70-80% of opportunities) are the ones that are hardest to find but face the least competition from other candidates. Opportunities may also come from our large and growing Member base many of whom are hiring managers and/or key influencers themselves or at least aware of opportunities through their own network. In short Up cover all your bases! Click here to read an example of what this means for an average job seeker. (Joe this goes to the case example page)

•  QUALIFY opportunities for you. Our team will then qualify these opportunities by way of further research; gauging the depth of the employers needs, how important it is that the employer solves these needs and how fast they must solve these needs; see FAST Job Find

•   MARKET you to employers and even other recruitment/search firms. Our team will line up and coordinate business meetings for you. We will also compile a host of individually tailored strategic marketing documents for you such as a unique Leadership Biography (a powerful thought provoking designer Leadership CV that brands you as a unique leadership asset), covering/approach letters, post interview strategic summaries and so on. Imagine never having to compile or send another covering letter again! To save you even more time and secure more interviews even faster our team will then apply to opportunities on your behalf and only with your approval.

•  Catapult your Interview Performance. Before each of your interviews our team will arm you with a library of information on the employer, interviewer’s backgrounds and key stakeholders as well as equipping you with an arsenal of strategies and tactics needed to empower you to deliver stellar interview performance including knowing how to knock competing candidates out of the selection process; You’ll be the most knowledgeable and prepared candidate.

To note, not all CXOs (and HRMs/recruiters) are 'good' interviewers, many don’t know how to ask the right questions to discover a candidate's specific and relevant value especially their ‘Leadership Value’. We'll show you how to communicate your value precisely and powerfully. You won't find these strategies in job books, online or being discussed by outplacement, recruitment or career management professionals.

•   TRACK Opportunities and Progress. Up have a unique mapping process and software that collects, ranks, tracks and rates all these opportunities as well as your performance so we can identify if anything needs 'adjusting' to optimise results. This includes setting up 'employer and industry watch-lists' if required. How many opportunities have you previously applied for and lost track of?

•   NEGOTIATE and optimise your offers for you. Finally our team can assist in the negotiation of both your remuneration and terms and conditions of employment. Having a party represent you at the negotiation table can often give better objectivity and also helps you avoid 'tarnishing' or damaging your relationship with your future employer or stakeholders. Differently to many recruiters who attempt to negotiate down a candidate’s remuneration we do the opposite and attempt to maximise it. After all we’re acting as Your Executive Agent... your representative.

Up is the only group to provide this truly unique, powerful, comprehensive and sophisticated service. It's the fastest, easiest and least risky method to secure great career opportunities as our team throws a wide net and covers all your bases. Further offerings and strategies are discussed with Members Only. You'll be pleased to know though that we profit only on securing roles for you, read Our Motivations.
To receive further information please register, then sit back and relax and let us do the hard work for you. Due to the intensity and uniqueness of  this service and the state of the economy, Membership vacancies fill fast, and for this reason we can't guarantee a place for everyone. First in best dressed. Stringent selection criteria apply

*Model 3 Members Only. The offerings vary considerable between Membership Types