Sample Member Experience

The following represents a fairly typical Model 2 Member's experience using UpResearch™, our completely integrated, fully automated, end to end, full service, intelligent, online Global Job Finding System.

Without UpResearch™

Most executives seek jobs internationally. Their job hunt amounts to contacting their network, lining up coffee chats and asking friends to keep an eye for them. Network participants tell you they'll keep their ears to the ground. The few roles that come to your attention are usually not of the quality you'd prefer. Accepting them may be demeaning and do your career damage. They register job alerts on their local job website. They may cold approach  a few recruiters they've dealt with previously only in large to receive the response, "You're a top notch candidate but they're nothing that's suits you at the moment. Let us put your details on our database (along with many others) and we'll keep you front of mind. A few days after the recruitment of search firm has said this to many other candidates. You're now no longer front of mind. This process goes on, and on…

You may have out of frustration consulted with a Career Management Firm or participated in 'Outplacement Programs'; they didn't work. They wouldn't extensively research the market for opportunities for you nor did they offer to market you. The advice is largely basic and out-dated and in a job market this bad, with so many competing candidates it is rapidly proving futile. You start to wonder if anyone is going to take you under their wing and proactively partner with you in securing another role.

With UpResearch™

An Executive now registers  for free and sets up a much more concise and high value Personal Public Profile on Up's site. This site which is marketed to thousands of Hiring Managers many of who also have profiles and thus are familiar with the extreme search functionality of the site, can now view your profile. It's a much higher quality profile than the simple networking sites and thus a more powerful tool for people in search of talent. This is partly because Up's business model is to maximise Placement Revenue directly from scoring jobs for our Members rather than from Advertising Revenue as is the case with most other networking sites.

As a result of the strategies we use in optimising your confidentiality you receive much less spam if any at all; your identity is largely concealed without concealing your skillset and value. We only divulge your employer and current roles for example if this is your choice.

Due to the types of questions we ask in setting up your account Up now as your 'Agents' have intimate knowledge of the Jobs and Opportunities you're seeking in light of criteria like Employer Type, Locations, Industries, Turnover, Financials etc.

Up act as your Agent in ensuring that people who want to contact you have legitimate reasons e.g are wanting to interview you, as opposed to merely sell you a product or connect with you to feather their own nests.

Every one to a three days you simply log on to your easy to use UpResearch™ Control Panel and view all the jobs that meet the criteria you have selected. No need to jump on scores of websites, and read scores of papers. It's now all at your fingertips. Differently to any other site or system we now deliver scores of opportunities that aren't advertised. The sophistication of this search function leaves our staff speechless.

Every one to three days you view Up's Organisation and Individuals Database and flag all those Organisations that meet your criteria as well as those potential hiring managers. For example if you're a CFO you may like to flag all CEOs that meet your criteria. The marketing is then fairly automated. You've pre-approved letters and recipients to avoid any embarrassing situations

You now simply flag the jobs or opportunities that suit, tick a few boxes and your preformatted and personally tailored Applications and Approaches are sent. All responses  come back through your own UpResearch™  email address enabling easy tracking and further action as required.

Once a day you check your UpResearch inbox and view all recipient responses and interview requests. You simple press a few buttons and receive relevant research on the Employer and the Industry to prepare you for upcoming interviews.

For all the different stages and types of interviews you attend, you now click a few more buttons and view leading edge strategies and advice in how to perform for these interviews. Articles in Up's Training Library include everything from Selling your Leadership (click here for a free "Crash Course in Selling Your Leadership") to selling your 'Knowledge of Growing Businesses' to your Return on Investment. You'll learn better ways to package your Value (Up Writers can compile world class Leadership Resumes and Documents for you by clicking here) and communicate it. You'll learn how to outwit gatekeepers, obliterate competitors, short circuit processes, overcome objections and show much greater Unique Value.

When it comes to negotiating an offer you can either use Up as your go between or negotiate directly after reading our Negotiation Strategies.

The future looks much brighter. You now have an Agency who  you trust, has your interest at heart and is very familiar with your skills and aspirations.

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Note: Model 2 Members flag their own Jobs and Opportunities and Organisations to approach. Model 3 Members have an Agent that does all this. Up are not in direct competition to Recruiters Firms and Search Groups. We work with many of these firms in helping them find talent. Securing a role for a Member through a Search firm also has many benefits to us as a business albeit we lose a potential placement fee.