The Economic Outlook


Many companies have hiring freezes, many are putting staff off, and others are not replacing staff they loose from natural attrition. President George W. Bush, closing a recent emergency economic summit said that decisive action had been required in recent weeks to save the United States from possibly falling into "a depression greater than the Great Depression" of the 1930s. It makes us wonder what he and his advisors know that we don’t.

As at the beginning of February 2009 the USA is losing jobs at the rate of 500,000 a month and this is forcast to increase...
Many employers feel the economy is only going to get much worse. It is crucial for job seekers to ‘tie down’ a secure permanent role as fast as possible to ride out this storm. The USA now has the highest unemployment rate in 16 years (Jan '09). In Australia bankruptcies and insolvencies has reached an all time high.

Whilst being interviewed on the ABC's Lateline Ex Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating (Ex Treasurer) said with confidence he thought Australia is at the beginning of a 6 to 7 yr recession, of which he then outlines in-depth his reasons why...

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