Who Do We Cater To?


Our Members come from all walks. Some are under siege from layoffs, outsourcing, offshoring, rightsizing, downsizing, and bankruptcies, others, most are fully employed and just plain ambitious.

Our world first service is designed for executives seeking senior leadership roles only such as CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, COOs, General Managers, 'Heads of', Board Level appointments and many roles of National, State or Regional responsibilities across all functions: Sales and Marketing, Investment, Insurance and Banking, HR/Recruitment, IT, Finance and Accounting, Engineering and Manufacturing, Operations, Logistics, Transport,  Commmunications/PR and Legal. Up also specialise in helping expats returning to Australia and also Consultants; If you're a Senior Consultant and have something of truely unique value then you may wish to outsource your sales and marketing functions to us.

Up's Executive Agency service are only for those executives who see their careers as businesses not just a string of high paying jobs. Our Members are generally ambitious business leaders who understand the need to maintain momentum in their careers, people who understand this is achieved more effectively through 'hunting' down appropriate opportunities as opposed to waiting for one opportunity coming across their radar every one to three years or so.

We like to think for many this service provides a ‘Fast-track to CEO’ roles (for others just more senior roles) as well as a probable 20-50% uplift in income and a further two to three leaps up the corporate ladder over the next 2-5 years. For this reason this business has been named ‘Up’; simply because we help successful executives climb ‘Up’ the corporate ladder,... further, faster and much easier.We do not cater to executives wanting junior or middle management opportunities.

In regards to Membership, Up do not grant Membership to executives that do not meet our selection criteria. If you’re not in the upper quartile of your field; if we feel we cannot secure a placement fee within a reasonable time from finding opportunities that also meet your criteria, we won’t offer you Membership. To become a Member you must also be in search of a role that meets our minimum employee remuneration requirement (this varies across industries), here is no maximum.

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