Why use an Executive Agent?

Are you receiving 'Sports Star' service from people who currently represent you in the market place? If not, you'll love dealing with one of Up's Executive Agents!

An Executive Agency is NOT a career management or recruitment firm. Up's Executive Agency provides a service which:

  • Ensures you secure the most and best career opportunities possible, in the shortest period of time,
  • Maximises your salary and optimises your conditions of employment,
  • Saves you time and money and the frustrations you may be experiencing in securing career opportunities,
  • Minimises salaries lost in between jobs, and
  • Gives you peace of mind, hope and substantially greater security.


What is an Executive Agent? How is an Executive Agency so different to a recruitment firm, a career management firm or a provider of outplacement services?

An Executive Agent is a new breed of professional who works with senior executive job seekers in a manner very similar to a Sports Agent/Manager representing Sports Stars. Agents actively seek out and secure career opportunities for their senior executive job seeker clientele  taking much of the frustration, cost and hard work out of their job hunt. They 'package', brand, position and 'market' their clients to employers of their client's choosing in a very strategic, confidential, sensitive and effective manner.

An Agent, based on his/her client's career aspirations and talents hunts down employment opportunities that match his/her client's requirements, including arranging interviews and strategising how to secure offers of employment. This is an intensive service which is heavily subsidised by Up for executives job seekers that meet our criteria. T&Cs apply and are available upon request for qualifying candidates. 

Employer Search

An Agent's role  is in effect Executive Search in reverse, call it 'Employer Search'. Further Agent responsibilities can include managing his/her client's career, PR, enhancing the personal branding of his client to marketing and representing his client in the market place. An Agent usually acts also as a mentor and a coach.

Different to some 'Coaches', Agents share responsibility for their client's success. 

Different to Career Planners and Outplacement Practitioners an Agent's role is to secure job offers for his client,  rather than only providing advice on how to secure job offers. Thus an Agent has high levels of accountability for their clients. Agent do not 'sell advice' and then leave the job seeker to fend for themselves like the many Career Management firms that advertise in the financial papers. 

Different to Recruiters, an Agent acts purely on their client's (job seekers) behalf. Their exists no conflict of interest. Different to a recruiter an Agent requires an intense understanding of their clients needs, talents and aspirations, similar to what a recruiter does in the reverse, in finding executives for their clients, ...employers. Different to some recruiters and career management professionals an 'Up' has a very strict code of behaviour and values which they abide by as candidate advocates.

The relationship an Agent has with his client is a very strong partnership with a common goal, to secure a job for their client, and by this a placement fee from an employer who hires their client. This is where an Agent makes his profit, very different to making a profit from selling advice as per Career Management firms. In most cases Agents make thousands of dollars upon successfully securing roles for their clients, so needless to say they're motivate to achieve results for their clients.

Ever thought what it would be like to only to have to apply to one company for the rest of your career…ever. This is one of the major benefits of becoming a valued Up Member. Every time you're in need of a more challenging or fulfilling career opportunity, simply call your Executive Agent and we'll take care of the rest for you, from hunting down opportunities, to writing all your approaches to employers and submitting all your applications.