12 Reasons people fail

How often have you asked yourself what kept you from succeeding? What caused you to fail?

Below are 12 common causes that prevent people to succeed. I'm sure these will help you to stretch your own thinking and enable you to find and create new ways to succeed in a faster, better and more satisfying way!

1. They never define what wealthy means to them.
How much money do you need to live the lifestyle you desire?

2. Their goals aren’t really goals but a moving target they’ll never hit.
This is what I need to do, this too, this too, oh and this too. Too many goals.

3. Set goals they’ll never hit or impossible to achieve.
When someone says, “The Sky is the Limit!”, they mean it. The more the better and they’ll never be satisfied.

4. Don’t believe it can be done and never start.
There is too much competition already. It’ll be too hard to do and I don’t have enough time. I wish I could but I can’t.

5. Don’t make it a must.
Making it a must is more than just making it a priority. You have to do it and it becomes essential to your survival. Just like food and water.

6. They don’t create a realistic plan.
They think or assume they can be successful but do no real research or planning. They just start and “wing it” hoping everything works out.

7. Don’t follow through with the plan.
Why even create a plan for success if you’re not going to follow it? It’s like making a grocery list and not bringing it with you — you’ll probably forget something.

8. Give others responsibility to make things work.
If you give someone responsibility you need to make sure they’re taking care of things. If they fail - you fail!

9. Give up when facing a difficult challenge.
When facing a difficult challenge it’s easy to quit. Don’t quit until you achieve your goals!

10. They fail to conduct their life like a business.
You should be conducting your life like a business. At the end of the year you need to show profit and not debt. A successful business is showing profits at the end of the year and not increased debt.

11. They allow others optimism or pessimism to effect or control their decisions.
If someone tells you that it’s too late to make money on the internet are you going to believe them? How about if they tell you that you can make $1,000 a day without doing anything and just a little money using the Forex Autopilot software that sells for only $400? Do your research and make your own decision!

12. No quality coaching.
In order to effectively realise your own goals and stay motivated, the help of a qualified coach or influence is essential to your success! Raising a well mannered child requires great parenting. In this analogy you are the child and your coach is the parent.

Something else to remember:

“The purpose of a goal is not the goal itself, but what it makes of you along the way.” - Tony Robbins

“You can do anything you need if you just believe in it.” - Patrick Driessen

Have fun creating and enjoying your own success!

Thanks, warm regards & success,

Patrick Driessen