Reshaping Your Career

The following are various options available to senior executives in taking control of and accelerating their careers:

Stay in Your Current Role; Look on the bright side; is it really that bad. Are you looking at all options? Is the other side of the fence greener?
Move Sideways; Moving sideways and changing your environment, clients or products sold for example, but still requiring the same talent lets you move with confidence having the skill set already that’s required.
Realign; Consider moving down in order to move across into new avenues if this looking at the big picture opens up more career options.
Relocate; Relocate within the same employer; Change your business unit if experience gained and value you can add in a different business unit better advances your career.
Enhancement; Develop your current job. Look at what tasking you like and wish to spend more time in. You may approach others and have them do task that don’t take your interest.
Create a New Opportunity; Submit a proposal for the creation of a business opportunity for your current employer that helps them achieve their objectives faster or just helps them make more money even if it is not strategically aligned to their goals.

Change Employer; Maybe an employer in a different industry is what’s needed. Beware; moving into a same or similar role in a new industry is obviously easier than moving into a new role in a new industry.
Move Up; Go for that promotion. In taking on more responsibilities, how would this help?
Discover; Put your toe in the water. Take on other new taskings maybe in different function or business units. See if you like tem.
Redirection; Change your career stream e.g. from sales to general management or sales to consulting.

For those of you who having chosen to accelerate your career through seeking opportunities with new employers you have 5 options being:

• Run around town meeting with various recruiter,
• Waiting for a call from a executive search consultant,
• Approach your own network,
• Doing an exhaustive research of employers in the hope of identifying opportunities in the hidden job market, or
• Think smart and have your own personal Executive Agent (similar to a sports star having an Agent) to find, qualify and secure these opportunities for you, as well as doing all the above.

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