Unleash the child in you!

“There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes.” - Doctor Who

Don’t you ever dream or imagine how it would be if you were 8, 16 or 18 again, so you could re-live some of your good old times? Do you often act and think as a child? Most likely not, because most of us have learned to behave as an adult and might have forgotten some of the great behaviour skills we grew up with.

Studying the behaviour of children around me, often make me realise how important it is to keep the child in you alive! So…..unleash the child in you!

Be like children and remember there are four ways to be more like a child, no matter how old you get:

1) Curiosity

Be curious! Childish curiosity. Learn to be curious like a child. What will kids do if they want to know something bad enough? You’re right. They will bug you. Kids can ask a million different questions. You think they’re through. Then they’ve got another million!!! They will keep plaguing you. They can drive you right to the brink…..and often drive you nuts! Why? Often because we do not have or take the time to understand their curiosity….
Also kids use their curiosity to learn. Have you ever noticed that while adults are stepping on ants or spiders, children are studying them? A child’s curiosity is what helps them to reach, learn and grow.

2) Excitement

Learn to get excited like a child! There is nothing that has more magic and power than childish excitement! So excited you hate to go to bed at night! So excited to be on holiday with your parents! Can’t wait to get up in the morning! So excited that you’re about to explode! How can anyone resist that kind of childish magic?

Now, once in awhile I meet someone who says, “Well mate, I’m a little too mature for all that childish excitement.” Isn’t that pitiful? You’ve got to weep for these kinds of people…LOL! All I’ve got to say is; “If you’re too old to get excited, you’re very old!” Please don’t get that old. Act young, feel young and unleash the child in you!

For inspiration, feel free to follow the example of the 8-year old Sophie-Anne; when she's really excited, she likes to say: "Watch out everybody, I'm going to blast off!" Then she counts down: "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!" And she'll start dancing, jumping up & down and singing out loud from excitement. Full of energy, joy and happiness! I've adopted here “Blast Off” exercise and I can highly recommend it! It’s fun, really exiting and gives relief!

3) Faith

Have faith like a child! Faith is childish. How else would you describe it? Some people say, “Let’s be adult about it.” Oh no. No way! Adults too often have a tendency to be overly sceptical. Some adults even have a tendency to be cynical. You’ve got to weep for these kinds of people as well… Adults say, “Yeah. I’ve heard that old positive line before. It will be a long day in June before I fall for that positive line. You’ve got to prove to me it’s any good.” See, that’s adult, but kids aren’t that way.

Kids think you can get anything and anything is possible! Kids are really funny. You tell your kids, “Hey guys, guess what. In our new house we’re going to have three swimming pools!” And they say, “Yeah!, Wow daddy! Three. One each! Stay out of my swimming pool!” See, they start dividing them up right away, but adults are not like that. Adults say, “Three swimming pools? You’re out of your mind mate! Most people don’t even have one swimming pool. You’ll be lucky to get a tub in the back yard.” You notice the difference

4) Trust

Trust is a childish virtue, but it has great merit. Have you heard the expression “sleep like a baby”? That’s it. Childish trust. After you’ve gotten an A+ for the day, leave it in somebody else’s hands.

Curiosity, excitement, faith and trust! Wow, what a super powerful combination to bring (back) into our adult lives! Have fun and enjoy unleashing the child in you! - By Patrick Driessen & Jim Rohn

Make this a Positive & Fruitful Day…..unless you have other plans!

Best regards & success,

Patrick Driessen