Looking for greener pastures but lack strategy? To avoid your boss getting the better of you investigate the benefits of having your own Executive Agent. Let us watch out for your '6'.

Most executives know how to negotiate in their roles say as CXOs, but when they try and negotiate a better offer, title, employment terms, or other most shoot themselves in the foot.

The trick is (in most cases) the longer a potential employer speaks with you, the deeper the understanding they have of your value; thus you should delay talking about price as long as possible. If you talk price (remuneration) too early before the employer understands your value you will price yourself out of the selection process.

Only talk about remuneration once you have the answers to the four core following questions from the employer:

  • Has the employer in their mind acknowledged that they need you?
  • Do you know if there're any 'substitute' or alternative candidates?
  • Do you know 'how much' they want you?
  • Do you know why the employer wants you?

Let one of our strategists walk you through this maze. We can also in certain situations negotiate directly for you on your behalf to avoid you negotiating directly with the employer and potentially damaging the relationship.