Purple Cow Head


Many executives feel we’re in the worst leadership job market in a hundred years. You need to stand out. Most candidates unfortunately package themselves as brown cows, being just different to other competing candidates. If you’re just different it means you’re invisible. You need to standout, you need to be what is commonly known in marketing circles as a ‘Purple Cow’; something unique, remarkable, 'a-one-of-a-kind' candidate.

You need to standout, you need to be...a ‘Purple Cow’; something unique, remarkable, 'a-one-of-a-kind' candidate.

The problem with most executive job seekers is that they don’t interview other candidates. They have a poor understanding of the competition which is savage. To add to the confusion they’re interviewed and assessed by recruiters, search consultants and HR staff that have never done the roles they’re interviewing for. People don’t invest in, or recommend products (or candidates) they don’t understand. Your packaging needs to make it easy to understand your value as it relates to three areas; your Leadership, your knowledge of Growing Businesses, and your ROI.

It’s not about Resumes. A good resume won’t necessarily get you the job but a badly written one may very well make you lose it. Does your resume and other documents (we use 15+ Strategic Marketing Documents) ‘pre-sell’ you prior to meeting the interviewers face to face? Do they communicate your ‘Leadership Story’ ; a ‘sales pitch’ which powerfully communicates the journey you took previous businesses on as testament to your leadership? (saying you motivate, get results, can inspire and are a great strategist is vague, fluffy and very biased; it’s not sufficient proof of your leadership). Does your packaging  reveal your intimate knowledge of growing businesses? Does it give powerful evidence of your ROI? Do you anticipate objections in the selection process and preemptively overcome these within your marketing documents? Objections like ‘lack of industry experience’, lack of qualifications’, unstable work history or too much time with one employer, too ‘old/young’, you’re overqualified, you’ve never led a listed company, you’ll need to be relocated’ etc.

Up have hired the world’s best resume writers who have been personally trained by our Executive Agents. We claim this for one simple reason; We’re Executive Agents. Different to resume writers we receive placement fees if we ‘sell’ you. Furthermore different to resume writers, every day a candidate is ‘on our books’ they cost us money, costs involved in researching opportunities for them, marketing them and strategising with them, to name a few. It’s in our interests to get you into the right role as fast as possible so you can be referring Up business opportunities we can tender on. We can’t do this with a ‘brown cow’ resume.