Need to identify quality career opportunities fast?

In the cut throat 'War for Jobs' it's crucial to your continued career success that you identify as many suitable career opportunities as fast and as early as possible especially in these uncertain economic times.

Very uniquely, Up have  invested extensive resources into gathering, sorting and researching senior opportunities in the market place. These include those:

  • Advertised across job, employer and recruitment websites as well as in national papers (inc. intercity papers).
  • Job opportunities brought to our almost exclusive attention from  numerous search firms (these roles are numerous but generally aren't advertised)
  • By an extensive network of candidates, Members, and referral sources, and from a database of companies recognised as being the 'best in the world' where subscription to this (in the many $1,000s) is financially out of reach of most executive job seekers.


In consideration of the fact that we cover all the above 'bases', we have the most extensive jobs and opportunities database for senior executives globally; better than the world's biggest networking site, job websites and recruiter sites. There is no other jobs database on the market of this magnitude and coverage with the search automation and integration that we provided through UpResearch™.

This system finds thousands of jobs and opportunities that escape the detection other search engines and sites.

Don't believe it? Do this simple test. Search for your preferred titles on other sites and then click here and try ours.


Up's world first 'C-Level Job Search' mapping and tracking program, encompassing datamining, search and tracking capabilities specifically designed to aggregate, integrate, analyse, track and manage employer and market data from the many publishers and information providers to identify job opportunities; an almost impossible and daunting challenge for job seekers to complete by themselves usually resulting in vastly inadequate job search and employer selection campaigns.

With Up Research, all this information is now enhanced, integrated and optimised to deliver the insight needed for identifying and securing roles faster and more comprehensively than ever before, very effective in identifying career opportunities for Up Members Job Seekers, Australia wide  or globally.

For many years now the world's leading executive search firms have evolved their search techniques and practices in hunting down the right candidates for their employer clients. Now, Up Research along with our strategic partners who have created and patented a whole new class of software leaving all other search program in it's wake; UpResearch™; a fully integrated intelligent online global job finding system which sources, researches, analyses global Roles and Opportunities (both career and business) and then tailors, submits Applications and Approaches to Organisations, then maps and tracks these. It's coverage, scale, automation and 'intelligence' is unprecedented. The sophistication, speed and volume of transactions UpResearch™ facilitates for executives is unsurpassed by any system or website on the planet today". Take a serious free trial of UpResearch™ and see how it can open up a world of career opportunities for you...


Unadvertised Opportunities

Up staff using these powerful screening tools and 2000+ data sources, based on your requirements can:


  • Identify, research, select and target the right prospective employers, key executives and people of influence globally, generating more interviews (17 million + companies globally including 24 million + key executives),
  • Profile and get in-depth knowledge of your potential employers and reporting lines (across regions, geographic location, industries, company types, executive function, stock exchange listings, size of workforce, global span, annual sales, assets, market value, market rating, drill down into corporate  and family structures, relevant news stories, trade articles, SEC filings, and other financial information to analyse the their financial health and business status; monitor employer's competitors,
  • Profile Key Executives – Review the professional and educational backgrounds of key decision makers and influencers in the selection process to develop more effective strategies,
  • Gather the critical information you need to assess new career opportunities. Capture business and executive changes before data sources are updated to identify potential career opportunities as early as possible, and
  • Keep you on top of industry trends and news; evaluate industries – research the trends, issues and key drivers within an industry with instant, online access to in-depth industry analysis, analyst reports and news,
  • Gather Competitive Intelligence, evaluate market opportunities; compare the vital financial statistics of multiple companies, profile potential employers, understand their business dynamics and develop competitive strategies, outsmarting competing job seekers,
  • Create personalised alerts ('watch-list') to ensure your one of the first candidates to know when an opportunity with specific employers becomes available.

Researchers also trawl web directories, search engines (including specialised search engines), use meta-search tools, clustering, the under-web and deep searching, usenet and newsgroups etc.

Up Research is so advanced that if for some reason only known to you and God, you only want to work for a new CEO of an investment bank, with the surname "Blogg", earning an income between $2.5M and $2.75M, who works in a USA Fortune 500, with 20 subsidiaries, 19 based in the European Union, who has a balance sheet with assets between X and Y, profit in excess of $Z and with a growth mandate and a desperate need to change their sales culture,... the chances are we can find him,...if he exists.

All this research is designed to:

  • Ensure you secure the most and best career opportunities possible, in the fastest period of time with minimal effort,
  • Maximise your salaries and optimise your conditions of employment,
  • Save time  and money and reduce the many frustrations experienced in securing career opportunities,
  • Minimise salaries lost in between jobs, and
  • Give you peace of mind, hope and greater security.


Where to Now?

If you feel that Up's intensive and sophisticated research services could be of benefit to you or if you would just like more information click on the link below.