Think of the job hunt as a game of chess only on a larger scale, over a longer period of time and with many unseen players and changing circumstances.

The art of Strategy is knowing where you’re wanting to go, firstly knowing where you are, your situation, surrounds and SWOT. Think of yourself as being on a huge chessboard. For example, you're in search of another CEO appointment; the Chairperson is the primary person you usually have to check-mate. Only in this case they have more than one Queen at their disposal. These queens may be other Board Members, the CFO, the Head of HR, another senior Line Manager, a well respected external Search Consultant and/or maybe some private equity backers. The pawns, …the other competing candidates are numerous.



'The Judo of interviewing'. Where are you on the chessboard? Who do you avoid, attack, turn, ignore or capture? Can you secure their trust, anticipate their moves, read their minds, handle their objections, solve their needs and control the situation without appearing to be ‘controlling’? We call this the 'Judo of interviewing'. Judo is a martial art that uses the opponent’s own force, different to Kung Fu which is more confrontational. Up invest considerable time and funds in securing interviews and opportunities for our Members.

We’re the only business in the world that contractually obligates ourselves to secure qualifying candidate’s opportunities.*

How do we master the art of interviewing? Firstly with your Executive Agent we do a complete reconnaissance of the interview and selection process from the top down and then we make sure we’re battle ready by intensively and very logically strategizing all the steps from the approach, the application, the telephone call, the face to face interview, the pre and post interview ‘sales’ documents, to the panel interview and then the negotiations. We also provide in-depth research on the matters of relevance for example the company being interviewed for, and the industry. We may even arrange a chat with someone in our extensive network who is currently employed by (or has recently departed) the interviewing company to give you extra intel (Model 3 Members only, Model 2 Members have most of this automated and/or mapped out).

It’s about short circuiting process, outwitting interviewers, decimating competitors and seizing opportunities.

It’s rare that the best candidate gets the best job, it’s usually the most strategic.

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* (Model 3 Members and Career Transition - Program 5 Members only).